Leisure Interests

Leisure time allows one to recharge one’s batteries. See what refuels my batteries.

  • Extensively travelling around the world for leisure. Have visited six of the seven continents and continue to enjoy being exposed to other countries and different cultures. Longest travels as a backpacker were:

    • Travelled from Chile to Ecuador for three months in 2003
    • Travelled across Mexico for two months in 2002
    • Travelled around Australia for four months in 1998

  • Photography is a way to capture unforgettable experiences during my trips and to express myself
  • Dancing salsa and listening to all other kinds of music

  • I like to do endurance sports such as:

    • Ironman Zurich 2011
    • Swiss Alpine Marathon K78, 2010
    • Various marathons over the last few years

  • Enjoying all kinds of other sportive activities such as snowboarding, surfing, hiking, cycling, swimming, tennis, etc.