Find some sample questions you might like to ask me. If you want to know even more and meet me personally please do not hesitate to contact me.


Tell me something about your life and experiences you have made so far?

I am convinced that you will find all relevant information on my website. Feel free to roam around. If you don’t find the information, I would be happy to provide you with further details personally.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

I see myself working in a challenging environment where I am passionate about what I am doing and grateful for being able to contribute my share to the organization’s overall success. I see myself in a senior position in the company of my choice.

I picture myself settled down after I have had my fair share of international experiences after either working abroad or travelling frequently abroad for work. I could imagine that after five years I might aspire again for some further higher education to stay on top of things.

Are you willing to move abroad and/or travel from where you live?

I could clearly see myself working for a defined period of time abroad. I am saying a defined period of time because once my future children reach kindergarten age I would have to answer the question of where my children would get the best possible education and where I would like to live.

Alternatively to a potentially longer expatriate experience I could imagine holding in the future a position for which I would travel periodically for business purposes and bring in my experience and knowhow from my studies in international management.


Besides work, what passions are you driven by?

Since a young age I have always been fascinated by all kinds of sporting activities. A couple of years ago I discovered my passion for endurance sports such as long-distance running and triathlon. What fascinates me most about this kind of sport is the dedication required during the training phase and what goes on in your mind during the race.

Another great passion of mine is dancing salsa. Dancing was always a part of my life since my mother was a professional dancer back in her days in Colombia and I always saw her dancing in the house. Although I can’t dance at the level of my mother I am very enthusiastic about dancing to the similar music my mother used to dance to. Dancing allows me to relax completely and let go after a long day.

Last but not least I cannot get enough of travelling the entire world. Discovering new places all over the globe, tasting new foods, hearing different languages, finding out more about the history of the visited country, meeting new people, and finding out more about other cultures gives me much pleasure. Every place I have visited had things that I love and that I can learn from.

What are your financial aspirations?

My extensive work experience, my work ethic, and attained education make me aspire for an above-average compensation package. I am convinced that my passion, my dedication, and my background will become an invaluable asset for your organization.