In my spare time I always found time to pursue my hobbies such as endurance sports, dancing, cooking, photography and simply enjoying life with friends.

Endurance sports such as marathons and triathlons are a great passion of mine. The extraordinary drive one has to display at these particular events is only achievable with meticulous training, perseverance and mental strength. In addition, the endurance sports events enable me to explore either picturesque mountain landscapes or to find new aspects in the streets of a big city that makes one forget the physical exhaustion and push your limits.

Dancing was always a part of my life since my mother was a professional dancer back in her days in Colombia and I always saw her dancing in the house and listening to her music. Although I can’t dance at the level of my mother I am very enthusiastic about dancing to the similar music my mother used to dance to. Dancing allows me to relax and let go after a long day of work.

Cooking and baking is a fabulous way not only to try local Swiss dishes but also to explore new recipes from the various countries I have visited and recreate memories with all my senses.