Hi there. My name is Aslan Amstad and I want to thank you for being my guest on my website.

I was born in Bogota (Colombia) but spent the very first phase of my life in Cali (Colombia). Soon though I celebrated my first birthday in Switzerland, where I tasted my first Swiss chocolate birthday cake. No wonder I wanted to stay ever after. Hence I grew up in Bassersdorf, a village near Zurich.

I was blessed with two great parents from distinctly different backgrounds. My upbringing nourished my interest in diverse cultures and provided me with a global mindset. My wonderful younger sister completes the family, which is complemented by two cats and two dogs.

My desire to travel made me quit my first job as a software engineer to study English and travel around Australia. Nevertheless, education brought me back to Switzerland to commence my studies in Business Administration. When given the opportunity to take part in an exchange year abroad, the only question for me was where. I decided on Minneapolis (USA) and packed my suitcase again. My time overseas passed within the blink of an eye and left me with unforgettable memories.

Back in Zurich, after graduation I worked for a number of years as a Business Analyst in multiple financial industry companies on various international projects. In order to further leverage my knowhow I completed a Master of Advanced Studies in Business Analysis alongside my day job.

Nevertheless my desire to go abroad and leave my footprints globally again made me aspire for a full-time MBA at IE in Madrid, which is my latest stage and from where I will certainly embark on future exciting endeavors. If you want to find out where my journey will hopefully lead me you will certainly find the answer in the Prezi below. Also, be my guest and go to my blog to find out more about recent events.