Read what people, who I have worked with, are saying about our time together.

“Aslan is a strong leader and team player which enables him to bring groups together to come to consensus, solve problems and deliver solutions while still having fun and maintaining perspective.

His organizational skills are fantastic and his method for bringing that skill to the table is admirable as those who do not manage project would not see his approach as over-engineered or structured; however, in the background is the organization required to get things done.”

Mr Sudhir Khanna, Director, UBS Wealth Management Research, from 2011 – 2012


“In his position as analyst and subproject lead Aslan is also expected, among other things, to cultivate and strengthen business stakeholder relationships with contacts in the US, UK and in Asia, to manage multiple projects simultaneously (also spreading in other banking areas), to develop migration strategies and to manage all change related risks with respect to the high expectations of the respective global end user population.

His self-confidence combined with his good stress resilience and sense of humor helped him a lot to form strong relationships with peers, members of the management team as well as business stakeholders. This allows him to be very successful in his job.”

Mr. Marco Borer, Executive Director, UBS Wealth Management KeyLink, from 2010 – 2011